Got Leaking Taps in Bondi? No Worries! We’ll Stop ‘Em

Did you know that leaking taps are more than just an annoying sound that can keep you awake at night? (drip, Drip, DRIP!) They’re costly and could be indicative of an even greater problem with your Bondi home’s plumbing system. We perform leaking tap repair to stop outside taps leaking and even those frustrating leaky faucet handles.

Did you also know that research has shown that the average Bondi home with a consistently leaking tap can waste about 35,000 liters of water a year? That’s enough water to fill an average-sized backyard swimming pool. And that’s a lot of money that you could save by calling your best Bondi plumbers to save the day.

We'll Find Those Irritating Leaks, Even the Ominous Hidden Ones

We’ll Find Those Irritating Leaks, Even the Ominous Hidden Ones

Our Bondi leaking tap repair professionals are highly skilled, certified and experienced in solving all your leaking tap mysteries.

Who doesn’t get frustrated by a leaking outside tap causing unsightly puddles close to their house? And in the bathroom, there’s the leaky faucet handle that streams water all over the countertop (not to mention that mysterious leak behind the wall of your shower).

That hidden shower leak can be the trickiest of all, since it’s hard to see the water damage it could be causing until it’s too late, and you’re faced with a major leaking tap repair problem and a major expense to match.

Besides the problems we’ve mentioned, our skilled plumbing technicians are capable of taking care of those leaking taps around your faucet handles, or even those frustrating faucets where the water is not flowing properly.

And let’s not forget those leaking taps that make noises. These leaking taps can produce a screeching sound when the water tap is turned on, or worst of all, the “water hammer” noise, which is a sound a water pipe makes when it’s turned off rapidly. As with anything, when plumbing systems make a sound, it’s usually an indication of a problem that requires immediate attention.

We will investigate and search your Bondi home’s pipes to find any leaks hidden inside walls, under floors or even underground. Doing so will ensure the job is done correctly, the first time.

Trust Our Expert Leaking-Tap Technicians to Provide Peace of Mind

Trust Our Expert Leaking-Tap Technicians to Provide Peace of MindDon’t entrust your valuable home to that friend down the lane who may know a thing or two about plumbing. Make sure to do research and learn about plumbing experts you can trust. And ask around with your neighbors and friends to find the best Bondi plumbers who provide excellent service at competitive, affordable rates.

Remember that plumbing is a trade for a reason: it’s not an easy job. And remember that our professional leaking taps plumbing services experts are just a phone call away. We are a company in Bondi with a team of plumbers who are well trained and equipped to handle any and all issues, routine or urgent. We’re on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.