We do a lot with our kitchen sink. In time, this causes it to produce leaks or get clogged. One of the most common problem areas for kitchen sink plumbing issues is the kitchen sink drain pipe. The drain pipe sits just above the trap which is the U- or P-shaped pipe.

You might think it is easy to replace and install the drain pipe yourself. This could save you money or potentially cost you more. However, to save yourself the trouble, you can hire the best plumber in Bondi to do the repair. Installing a drain pipe requires tools and/or skills you might not have to properly do the job. Know the importance of the drain pipe and how it can affect the overall function of your sink. 

The function of the drain pipe

The Function of the Drain Pipe

The drain pipe functions as the inlet for the trap. You can think of  it as the throat of your sink. The function of the drain pipe is to channel everything from the sink to flow right to the sewers. If the drain pipe happens to be damaged, the function of the drain pipe becomes compromised.

This could lead to a leak or clog. There are causes why a drain pipe can be damaged. Drain pipe issues are usually one of the most common kitchen plumbing problems. This is because it is the pipe that the water and food passes through after the sink basket.

Through time, damage to the part is inevitable. Same goes for the other pipes. Replacing the sink’s pipes, when needed, can be a sure way for the sink drain pipe to function well.

What Causes Damage to the Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe

Everything that goes through the pipes (and of course, time) are what causes damage to the kitchen sink drain pipe. Food and water can cause the pipe to rot, decay or crack. Be mindful of what should go into your sink.

You should always have a strainer to filter excess food so water can only go through. Large debris can affect the drainage and cause clogging. It can also damage pipes. It can be easy to fix drain pipes. With proper tools and basic knowledge of plumbing, you may well repair the piping of your sink.

Gaskets at each joint of the pipes can also be damaged through time. This can cause leaks because metal to metal connections break down over time and don’t make a perfect watertight joint.

Why it is important to replace the kitchen sink drain pipe

Why It Is Important to Replace the Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe

Proper drainage and a well-functioning sink is why it is important to replace the kitchen sink drain pipe. You can’t just make do with a sink that has leaking pipes. Parts that should be replaced needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

There should be no reason for delays. Otherwise, you could face having to spend more because of neglect. If left not repaired, you might need more extensive, and pricey, plumbing work done.

The sink drain pipe is one of the most common kitchen plumbing issues. It degrades over time and causes leaks if not replaced. To save yourself the trouble, and so you won’t have to worry with doing the repair, hire professional plumbers in Bondi to do the job. PlumbingPros is your best solution for any plumbing problems.