Having a leaking tap in Bondi is never great. It can be annoying and it can cost you. Dripping taps should never be tolerated and should be fixed immediately. You can do this on your own or have professionals do the work for you.

However, you’re going to need tools you might not have to repair the leaky tap or faucet. Having to fix a leaking tap can be easily done if you have the tools and basic knowledge of plumbing. You can DIY leak problems just by following a simple guide. We’ll share with you a step by step procedure to fixing a leaking tap.

You can then start repairing a leaking faucet on your own after you finish reading this article.

Prepare the Needed Tools for Fixing a Leaking Tap

Prepare the Needed Tools for Fixing a Leaking Tap

Of course, before we begin, we first need to prepare (or acquire) the needed tools for fixing a leaking tap. This may include the following:

• Adjustable spanner wrench – You’ll need to use the spanner wrench to loosen or tighten the body of the tap.
• Washers (Main tap washer, body washer, and o-ring) – Old washers need to be replaced with new ones to stop or ensure no leaks.
• Lubricant – lubricant

After you’ve prepared your tools, there’s another task to be done before starting the repair. You need to turn off the water so you won’t make a watery mess. You can do this with the isolation valve. Turn on the tap before you start your repair so the water still stored within can be released.

Disassemble the Body of the Tap

First thing’s first. Cover the drain so you won’t lose any important parts while fixing the leaking tap. Disassemble the body of the tap. You can do this by first finding and getting the screw that binds the body of the tap together.

Unscrew it to release the tap. Use the adjustable spanner wrench to hold the hexagonal nut to loosen and unscrew the spindle. While doing this, hold the tap spout with your other hand to brace it. After you disassemble the body of the tap, replace the washers. Important tip: If you’re going to replace a washer, might as well replace all the washers.

Reassemble the Body of the Tap

Reassemble the Body of the Tap

After you’ve replaced all the washers, reassemble the body of the tap. Make sure you reassemble the body of the tap properly. Turn on the isolation valve. You can’t use your faucets if they are still turned off. If there is not a drop, the change of washers was done properly. If you successfully repaired the tap, you can handle repairing leaking taps anytime.

Say goodbye to leaking taps in the kitchen or the bathroom. The problem can be easy to solve once you’ve tried the fix once. It can be quick and easy and can save you money. However, you should still decide to use a plumbing service, particularly if you’re a bit anxious about it or just aren’t very mechanically inclined and especially if the tap is hard to dismantle.

Leaky faucets can be annoying and the dripping water can cost you with a higher water bill. Fixing a leaking tap needs to be done immediately. You can do this yourself or have a professional fix the problem.

Fixing a leaking tap can be quick and easy. However, if you don’t have the time or don’t want to bother yourself with the repair, you can have a plumbing service take care of the problem for you.